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Looking for Lucia: A Book of Day and Night   Worried Over You
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Epigraph 1: Dreams of Lucia   At Last
Epigraph 2: Each Bird's Call   The Wedding of Lucia and Hugo
Epigraph 3: Lucia Mind   The Wedding: First
Contents: Six Ways to Search for Lucia   The Wedding: Second
For Patient Contemplatives: Slow Lucia   The Wedding: Third
For Ferrets Seeking Revelation in Nonlinear Space: Sublime Lucia   The Wedding: Fourth
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Behind the Scenes Account of a Search for Lucia: Blog Lucia   In the Valley of the Shadow
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In the Beginning   Moon and Sun, Lucia and Hugo
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The Alchemical Marriage of Lucia and Hugo   Thanks for the Words
The Courtship   Thanks for Persons
Something's Got a Hold on Me   Thanks for the Sounds and Music
Fool That I Am      
Something Told Me It Was Over      
If You Could See Me Now      
A Sunday Kind of Love